Weddings in India are known for their great splendor with elaborate rituals and traditions. The vast Indian wedding canvas contains certain key elements such as pre-wedding celebrations, the actual wedding and post event celebrations. It's the amalgamation of two souls along with an intimate social bonding between two families, relatives and friends. The joyous celebration with its opulence and tradition so vividly observed - style and elegance are integral part of the celebrations.

    We provide you with a truly exceptional wedding planning service. We are a highly experienced and efficient team with widespread reputation for attention to detail and exemplary budget management. Our strong presence in Indian industries, hospitality services and a nationwide network of offices would help to provide the bespoke, luxury wedding services to its clients.

    Roam Hospitality offers a platform for the most opulent and bespoke wedding themes and décor backed up with impeccable hospitality services that specialize in sophisticated urban and destination weddings.


    We believe that each wedding is unique and offer a complete personalized approach. We think it’s imperative to get to know our patrons and their requirements and therefore arrange a complimentary interaction with our team to understand their vision well. Once we settle on the key words and requirements for the event, we then create a detailed outlay exclusively for the event. What follows is a detailed yet meticulous flow chart with specific deliverables. Our approach to wedding planning is sophisticated, personalized and most importantly, professional.

  • Roam Hospitality Provides Following Services

    Honeymoon Destination Sun kissed dawns, indulgent afternoons and fairy tale dusks. Can you think of a better way to begin your journey towards marital bliss? Be it idyllic beach resorts or exotic palaces,

    + we promise you everything you dreamt of for your honeymoon:
    + Conceptual Design and Décor
    + Venues and Location identification and management
    + Stationary and collaterals designing and printing
    + Food and Drinks
    + Flowers
    + Wedding choreography
    + Entertainment
    + Cinematography and documentation
    + Guest Hospitality & Accommodation
    + Welcome Gifts
    + Transportation
    + Security and valet services
    + Wedding ensemble planning and styling
    + Onsite coordination
    + Honey moon package customization